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You Can Unlock Your Car, Pick Your Lock Or Install Almost Any Lock By Yourself! Save Time And Money$$$$$$$$$$$

We at Locksmith in Toronto have been realized over the years that many of the people who fall to the hands of local locksmith scammers in Toronto are good decent Torontonians who wanted to save money by finding the cheapest locksmith service in Town. We sometime hear about companies who charge more the $129 just to unlock cars or even worse, unexperienced locksmiths who will drill your door locks without even trying to pick it .

Read And Learn How!

By reading this page you will be able to learn locksmith technics and at the end you can install, rekey or unlock the vast majority of locks.

For Home

keypad door lock – how to install a keypad door lock? It’s not an impossible mission! All you have is to follow these steps

-1 Look at the manufacture template and read it carefully and while you doing it mark the most important issues.

-2 Take a look at the door and think where you wanna cut the hole.

-3 While you holding the edge of the door, drill a hole for the deadbolt.

-4 Take a pen and mark the area.

-5 Keep the bolt secure to the hole.

-6 Cylinder and thumb installation.

-7 Make a hole and install the plate.


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How To Open Your Car Door When It’s Frozen

We at Locksmith in Toronto want you to save yourself time and  money, but if you see that you cannot do it by yourself give us a call at 647-8481410